Extraordinary Experience 1.4: Reflecting Sunn 0))) Coda


Have you ever heard music without listening to it?  Extraordinary Experiences work in strange and mysterious ways and the tsunami reminiscent sound of Sunn 0))) is no exception.   It is amazing to experience an epic wonder so compelling it affects ones perception of realty on a broad scale.   After the Sunn 0))) event questions resonated indefinitely around what, how, and why get involved with this unique situation.   Such challenging circumstances are often an opportunity for growth by sensations of sounds: noise, volume, structure, speed in conjunction with my perceptions of:  memory, presence, expansion, and other extreme dynamics.

CLICK IMAGE: Prelude video

CLICK IMAGE: Prelude video

Witnessing Sunn 0))) live is like listening to music without hearing it.  Hearing ears are straining to process rapidly accelerating vibrations but played at a pulse slowing speed of contrastingly high or low pitch.  Sounds are moving mentally/emotionally, and in this case not just changing perspective, but literally moving the individual.  The volume is so massive that ones whole body becomes the outer ear.  Eyes fixate and scan no-light, lots of light, flickering lights, all projecting from up, down, below, and behind the stage accentuated by three fog machines producing voluminous amounts of haze rendering it challenging to measure distance.   Overstimulating at least three senses: eyes, ears, and touch blurring…is that sound heard or felt?  The vestibular apparatus searching endlessly for balance, but in this exercise of excess the only way orientation may occur is internal meditation or when the performance ceases.  Disorientation leads to the curiosity for orientation and without the sheer will to experience the extraordinary it seems most natural to leave this exhausting presence.  Loud noises often are near the top of peoples greatest fears, and when confronted with an ultimate volume of sound beyond complete comprehension combined with blinding light and darkness and constant body shaking, does one psychologically ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ a potential situation attempting to induce synaesthesia?

To enter into an experience at the limits of the senses is a challenging experience questioning the nature of normal and potentially resetting ones perspectives without the ability to go back.  There is a kind of beauty in the simple and pure  pursuit of sound not as an expression of oneself or ones time but a presentation of itself as a presence unto and for the sake of itself.  And for some that maybe extreme, and perhaps for others it just is.  Whether or not it is boring or exciting is irrelevant to the existing vibrations and this celebration is an opening to engage them on a deeper level closer to the sublime.

Vibrations converge as if they were coming from one destination, moments in a single location and other times multiple place surrounding all.   Contrasting strummed micro notes in combination with macro feedback is a variety of scale expanding and contracting spaces of sound.   Imagined spaces vary from places of everything to scenes with nothingness, feelings resemble flying in the sky,  floating in the sea, walking through a desert, alone on an iceberg, in a small room, staring at the stars, or about to go into a deep sleep.   Each of these places had their own kind of rhythm, perhaps universal, that was easily identifiable.  At times I wonder if these imaginations are intentional from the sound or am too focused on the music.   Once again, I have lost track of time and with that also memory.  The cleansing is a nice opportunity to start hearing again for the first time and truly listen to vibrations at large.

Sunn 0))) is  extraordinary live presenting an experience which seems virtually undefinable.   Empathy for the sound works well with a negative theology approach.  Although this is challenging with tones where their is little or no space between the notes exploring what is not there often reveals as much or more than what is.  The tones call to question the nature of rhythmic music, chaotic noise, and sound itself.  The gravity of their black hole of vibrations are both primitive and futuristic, raw and organic yet, technologically sophisticated.  Ultimately, one could wonder if gargantuan vibrations are yielding something greater than we understand like realigning hierarchies of individuals and spaces of the environment in which it is played.   Let there be Sunn 0)))…

Please read the other BLOGs below on Sunn 0))), watch the videos, and feel free to comment and share feedback about your experiences.   Thanks for reading about this Extraordinary Experience, subscribe to our BLOG or check back for upcoming situations include taking to the sky and wind with one of the worlds largest kite festivals and moving to the sea SCUBA diving with Manta Rays at night including an underwater video with sound by a former Sunn 0))) guest member.

Take Care,

Aesthetichemist 0)))


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